Saturday, August 26, 2006

to the angels around me

looking back at the events spun off by the accident that happened last week, i came to realise that i m truly blessed. it takes a hard time in life for us to discover who our true friends are.
it had been a week of great inconvenience and anxiety for me. going through the motions of life brought to light the 'angels' surrounding me, of whom i may have failed to acknowledge before.

an 'angel' who was kind enough to lend me her car... even though it was just for 2 days.

an 'angel' who was kind enough to help me to check the status of my car & insurance claim, liaising with the workshop... and he is even willing to come & fetch me to the workshop.

an 'angel' who was kind enough to pick me up last nite even though she was tired and not feeling well.

an 'angel' who brought me some Chinese herbal medicine to relieve me of the after-shock - that's my Mum!!!

a little 'angel' (my niece) who showed me her care by giving me a cheer-up gift - she's only 7!
and many other 'angels' who in one way or another showed their care & concern.


to all the angels in my life - thank you. i m deeply touched by your every gesture of kindness and every word of care, comfort & best wishes. you made me feel i m loved! = )

If you want happiness….
For an hour - take a nap
For a day - go fishing
For a month - take a long holiday
For a year - inherit a fortune
For many years - love someone
For a lifetime - help someone

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