Thursday, August 10, 2006

grapes u cant eat...

are always sour?

armed with all the willpower & EQ i have - i m trying to prevent myself from metamorphing into a continuous rants-generating person. still have yet to discover the secret to living a life of contentment (of course, it's just a thin line between contentment & complacent). i dont want to become someone who constantly complain, crying injustice all the time & make my own life miserable. pathetic, aint it?

the rich will become richer, the gap seprating the economy of the rich & poor are getting wider & wider. sometimes, hard work alone is not enough to narrow down the difference, lest bridge the gap. useless. more often than not, we dont see the fruits of our labour... well, maybe not soon enough.

oh, well... what to do?

i guess the solution is i just gotta resolve not to let daily circumstances & my surrounding influence my happiness - now, i just need that extra bit of strength & willpower to realise my resolution. just stop thinking whether it's worth it, just stop thinking when i am reaping the fruits of my hard work, just stop thinking whether/when my love gets returned, just stop thinking & JUST DO IT.

hopefully, then, i will be a happier person.


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