Saturday, September 16, 2006

climb d molehill, conquer d mountain

tension is building up as next week draws near.

where multi-million dollars, multi-currencies, cross countries transactions are concerned --- i m totally a toddler in d field. i can do it, i know. just that i need to stay calm. the last thing i need is to panic & freeze. hahaha!

so, my strategy is to list down the detailed tasks to be completed, & the cut-off time for each. i have got all the essential contact numbers of bankers & dealers, IT support, etc. i think i have got myself well covered. hopefully not much ad-hoc issues that arise... otherwise, i may just slip & drown... haha, nah, no worries, i can survive.

this weekend, i will try to pamper myself with loads of rest so that when i report in to work on monday, my mind is clear & fresh.

happy weekend everyone!

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