Tuesday, September 19, 2006

how's d view from d top?

it much depends on whether u r standing on a mountain, or a molehill. it all boils down to perception', i guess.


since this is my blog, my writings, ... what u get is obviously what i see from my point of view.

can everyone give me a 'hi-five!' now? yup, done all the transactions today without sending out SOS calls, (i did but only to my bankers & regional office's peers), woohoo!

all the funds are in where they are supposed to be in. & i m proud to say i have done it all, well before the cut-off time. so it's time to sit back and 'goyang kaki'. nah... i still got other work to do, like preparing for tomorrow 's tasks...not to forget, i still have an overdue report for my Director (it was due like 2 days ago, oops!).

so, have fun.

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