Monday, September 18, 2006

pack your sleeping bag & canned food

ok, today is virtually over. yes, i know, it's barely 6 in the evening, but in terms of Malaysian market dealings & banking transactions are concerned - the day IS over. so far, things are under controlled. i have done, not single-handedly, but i m proud to announce i did it with minimal interference & help. *thumbs up* for myself.

yeah, yeah, yeah... it may just be a small step for mankind, but it's a GIANT leap for ch3ryl. oh, well...

tomorrow is D-Day. today is basically paper work, documentation, paper work & documentation... tomorrow is the crunch time to confirm that all documentations, all white-paper-black-writings, all forms of communication - facsimille, post, courier, email & even delivery by hand - are well...uhm, ... communcated. & the intended recipients are doing or had done what they are supposed to do - then, woohoo!!! i wouldnt need to send an SOS to my CFO (who's overseas).

so, i need another nite of good rest.


health -wise, i seem to be better today. my ulcer is healing, my sore throat is thisclose to 'gone'... so, here's to good health!


still missing my car. got it back briefly last week, but i sent it back to the workshop. coz the car is not working as fine as it should be, ... sigh! another week without (my own) car.


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