Thursday, September 7, 2006

reviving my passion

...for photography.

i m just an amateur... mayb even less than an amateur, someone who just enjoys capturing great shots but has near-zero knowledge of low lights, apperture, focus points...etc.
whenever i come across others' photo blogs (or whatever other names u may call it) - i feel a sudden surge of inspiration & desire to do the same.
so, if you please... go drop by my photo album on this blog & tell me what you think of some of my works.
currently, my shooting partner is the Kodak DX6490. it may be outdated, non-common, low MP (just 4MP)... but i love it (especially the 10 times optical zoom), nevertheless. still, in future, i hope to be able to buy a dSLR.

used to play around with Canon EOS300, which is non-digital, but no longer can afford it! u know film & processing costs have gone up! = )

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