Wednesday, September 20, 2006


a friend once told me tears are like pearls ... so we shouldnt really waste our tears over worthless things/matters/people.
contradictory to what most people (of which, mostly men) think - women do NOT necessarily use tears as a weapon. personally to me, crying is a way of letting it all out - venting what is deep within me - relieving the heart & soul, it's like lozenge for sore throat. it helps cause i usually sleep well after a good cry. the downside is i will wake up with tired/puffy eyes the next day.
also, men who cry are NOT weak. in fact, they are the tough ones who are not afraid to express their inner inner feelings & expose the 'real' side of themselves.

people who cry are people who truly feel

只有真正懂得付出的人才懂得何为哭 为何哭

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