Thursday, January 10, 2013

(A)musing Finds - Butter knife

What is so amusing about a butter knife? I caught you - I know that question written across your head. Wait, this is not your ordinary household butter knife.

Check this out!

Attached to the butter tub! So user friendly, especially if you are thinking of a picnic, an outing - very travel friendly, right?

Just detach it as you peel open the butter tub.

Use the transformed cover to spread the butter on your bread, on.

Done! Nice, eh?

Different colours for different flavours. Too bad we don't have it here, otherwise I will be their #1 fan.

Found a similar idea on a yogurt cup. Gotta love this, though I am a bit skeptical on this one - I wonder what happens if I accidentally hurt myself with the edge of the spoon? But I guess it is not sharp & made of pretty soft material.

From designers: Yeongkeun Jeong (butter knife) & Cho Hye-seung (yogurt spoon)

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