Saturday, January 26, 2013

My first swing class

Instead of signing up to the gym this year, why not try exercising with some vintage dance moves?
The caption that caught my attention, whilst browsing the Poskod site.

Dance? Me? Why not? I have a love-hate relationship with dance. I love to dance, but it hates me with my two-left feet.

The KL Swing team is conducting free weekly taster class (that means trial class) at Sid's Pub, Bangsar South. I decided to invite my friend, LM to come along. Both of us went for the class with no inkling at all what swing dance is all about, lol. We just thought it could be fun, so no harm in giving it a try. Besides, Sid's is one of our fave hangout joints.

That was two weeks ago. We went to our first class last Tuesday. We arrived early (8pm+) as some of them were having their class. The taster class starts at about 9.45pm. We were nervous...but the instructors (Aizat and Sook Yan) that day were friendly and helpful.

Aizat and Sook Yan showing us the moves of Closed Position

We learned the basics of the East Coast swing... nice! So far so good, we decided to go back again soon for more! 

Can you spot me? 

Let's get swinging! 
From KL Swing's official site:
The Rough Schedule:
8.30-9.30pm-Lindy Hop class
9.45pm-FREE 30min taster class
We take absolute beginners through the basics of 6-count swing.
10.15pm (or thereabouts)-Social dancing begins
11.30pm-late - wrap it up

Floor: Is a bit sticky as it is tiled, so be shod accordingly! And ladies, please wear flats.

Do support the venue by buying drinks.

*pre-edited photos grabbed from KL Swing's FB page.


aizatto said...

Thank you for coming to KL Swing! Glad to have you at the class! Hope to see you more often :)

aizatto said...

Thank you for coming to the KL Swing! taster class, and glad you enjoyed it.

Hope to see you more often!


ch3ryl said...

I had fun, thanks to the team! :)
Will surely be back.