Saturday, January 5, 2013

(A)musing Finds - Water-powered Clock

Attempting new series for the year - will be posting about (A)musing, (A)wesome, (A)mazing...finds that I come across. 

Starting on the list is this water-powered clock.
Just how can water power a timekeeping device?

This clock runs off a simple galvanic cell battery, which entails the emersion of a cathode or positive metal such as copper, and an anode or negative metal such as zinc in electrolyte solution. Sounds too scientifically nerdy?

Welcome to the world of horology! A horologist's goal is to find something that changes at a predictable, consistent manner with a steady rate. So what we have here is WATER. Think about the plumbing at home. Weren't you kept awake by that dripping faucet? Weren't you able to gauge how long it takes to fill up the toilet tank or your bath tub for that matter? There you have it, water.

All you need in order to power the eco-friendly water-powered clock above is a little water, and a splash of natural lemon juice.

Source: How Stuff Works?

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