Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gotta love long weekends

My Aussie boss used to muse that how we Malaysians have so many national holidays. We even got an extra day off when the national team won a football match, lol.

I don't mind really, especially when it is a Friday or a Monday, just wonderful!!!

Last Thursday, we had the Prophet Muhammad's birthday followed by Thaipusam on Sunday. A holiday that falls on a Sunday means we get Monday off too. So I took leave from on work for Friday, and had 5 consecutive days of rest. It was a good rest - I always think 2 days of weekends are just not enough. Guess I should not complain much, considering I have a 5-day work week.

Anyway, the bliss continues this week with tomorrow being another for us KLites. Yes, it is the Federal Territory Day on every 1st February. Falling on a Friday this year, means we get another long weekend.

Photo taken this morning on the way to work

Good morning, Thursday! Weekend's almost here =)

Gotta love long weekends...

NB: Happy Birthday, Kuala Lumpur, my birthplace.

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