Monday, September 22, 2008



新闻报道: 国际权威检测机构:大白兔奶糖不含甲醛。 係真唔係啊?不过呢排,中国有毒牛奶事件实在太惊人啦。。。


算啦,唔吃都吃了咁多年咯。。。唯有从今日起,唔再吃大白兔奶糖。 等等,雪柜好似仲有半包。

white rabbit milk candy - one of the few candies snack that i take had just been declared as one of the confectionery products banned by the Malaysian government. i shudder to think (and dare not imagine) that i have been taking (and enjoying!) melamine all these years... and as of now, i still have half a pack of these candies in my fridge. :(

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