Saturday, September 6, 2008

it's 6 sept...

i realised this date which changed my life had become less and less significant. i didnt even realise it's 6 sept today...until a while ago.

5 years ago on this day... i began a journey in life, expecting a fairy tale ending - happily ever after. 有一个时期, 我以为我会永远记得这一天; 没想到现在这一天却变了只是普普通通的一天, 并没什么特别。

it didnt happen. that dream was shattered two years on. finally, my life took a detour last July. looking back sometimes, it still seems like i have been in a dream these 5 years. 梦已经破碎了。。。往后的日子,我只有带着盼望和希望继续好好的活, 寻找自己的幸福。 我会再次得到幸福吗? 我希望会。。。请祝福我。

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