Friday, September 5, 2008

cluttered mind, cluttered heart, cluttered home

just the other day, a friend decided to drop by at my place ... unannounced!

oops, my home is a mess.

(nope, my house is not as dirty as above, it's just messy)

embarassing! i m resolving to clear the clutter & give the house a spanking clean & tidy look this weekend... if i dont get caught up by other things. i hope i wont be caught with a messy home again!

that's what has been happening lately. i m caught up with other things & my home ends up in a big big mess... to the point i cant find the remote control to my DVD player -> that shows i havent watched dvd for quite awhile.

deeper... i think it's a reflection of my state of mind. of late, i seem to be having lots to think about yet i dunno what is it that bothers me. probably i know but unconciously trying to run away. i dunno. i can b quite elusive in that sense... maybe i m just a coward who's scared to face the realities in life. sometimes i think "just let me live in my fantasy"

u say i could have cleaned it up last Merdeka weekend, when i didnt have to work for 3 days. but the pig in me won my time - i managed to hibernate & slept my hoildays away! not the whole time of course, i spent great quality time, with my family & taking my nieces out to 1U.

i think i will go home early tonite & get an early start tomorrow morning. oh, wait... i need to be my mum's personal chaffeur, taking her around town to run her errands before her cataract op next week. sunday...maybe. but i dont want to tire myself out as monday is a working day.


ok, i admit it - i m lazy. sigh.

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