Wednesday, September 24, 2008

is it love? or is it a just an assumption?

when you feel that he doesnt care much about you, maybe it's because you cared too much.


sometimes, love is just an assumption.


from the very beginning, you have already assumed that he loved you.


because of this belief, you have decided to give it your all. just like spring cleaning of the heart, you clear it all to give it to him. all because you believe that he loved you and therefore, he loved all that you are.


do you really know what you like about him? is it just a feeling of comfort? or care? or fear of loneliness? or just to prove that you are no longer alone? do you really know what love is? sometimes, love could just be an assumption, it's just what you assumed it to be.



xL said...

I LOVE your post!

Sometimes it is just so true...

Livdreamer said...

This is so true..and i like the cartoon...hahhaa

ch3rylism said...

thanks... anyway, the 'cartoon' is called "Pon & Zi".