Wednesday, September 10, 2008

the extremes of life ... or is that the norm?

a friend told me a good news - he finally found someone new. i was truly happy for him, coz i think he is a great guy. and he has been single for quite some time now.
barely half an hour later, i was informed by another friend, he just broke up with his girlfriend. i think he's a great guy too & i feel sad for him as well.

life's extremes - just as new love is found, another heart is broken somewhere else. or is that the norms of life?

there's more - when a new life is a born, another may be taken away. just as a teardrop falls, a smile has been carved elsewhere. as we are bidding our farewell, a new friend has been made over there. 有人欢笑,有人愁。

to my two friends above - i sincerely wish them happiness.

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